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Project MOSS is an Austin based band and a culmination of highly diverse musicians from around the country. The band is: Geoff Moss, lead vocals and guitar, Steve Super on bass and vocals and Roger Friend on drums and percussion. Together they make a strong musical statement, mixing elements of rock, funk, jazz and soul, utilizing creative lyrics alongside well crafted grooves. The band's live shows reveal their depth as individual musicians and collective creativity as a group.




Originated as a house band for underground warehouse art parties in sweaty swampy Florida has become one of the Southeast's most recognized independent D.I.Y touring artists. Known for their incendiary and inspired live shows and led by a singer-guitarist evocative of dead 70's icons, the Beauvilles have traveled far and wide across the 48 states, playing hundreds of shows, dozens of festivals, throwing guitars haphazardly across stages, tossing wine at audiences and whisky on themselves. “This music is damn good.”-Eric Olsen, NY Times





With elements and influences ranging from Thrice, Guns and Roses, the Killers, Glassjaw, Radiohead, and A Perfect Circle all thrown into a blender; Throwing Seven produces their own unique hybrid of melody infused hard rock. On their new full length "Hope Forgets To Breathe" they are poised to leave their own sonic stamp on rock and roll. Throwing Seven has played on some pretty impressive festivals and has shared stages with bands ranging from HED P.E., Protest The Hero, Unwritten Law, Kottonmouth Kings, Yesterdays Rising, Finch, Lower Definition, Eek-A-Mouse, and Cromwell as well as most of the 2008 Warped Tour bands. They have been known to put on an energetic and sonically dense live show with fantastic fan and crowd interaction. Throwing Seven has a sonically dense 3-guitar fueled band that explores the various nuances and subtleties of hard melodic rock. Their vocals are driven by singer Jude's desire to write about emotionally compelling themes through the use of raw and sometimes abstract lyrics. Their subject matter ranges from rebellion to angst and offers anthemic stacked guitars to pack in the knockout punch, and if that wasn't enough it's catchy too. Singles such as "When The Lights Go Out" and "Black Maria" offer a broad sonic pallet with their core songwriting still very much rooted in melody.


Joe Miranda and the Wildcatters


wildcatters3 The Guitar Player who really “ learned to listen” the night that Lightnin’ Hopkins grabbed him by his skinny young arm and told him : “Son, ya gots to listen ‘a what cha-doin!”, on his way up to the stage at a very young age. Joe never let go of that advice. A man who grew up loving the Blues, but also loves to Rock. Take a listen and see, he doesn’t just hear the music, he feels it deep down to his very soul.
Check out his powerhouse new CD “Straight Ahead”, entitled after Bobby Keys listened to preview tracks and told him and his good friend and drummer Rex Ludwick, “Straight Ahead Texas Rockin’ Blues! Hell yeah, I’ll come play!” and he came down from Nashville before being called away for the 40 Licks tour with the Stones, and blew the doors down on 4 great songs joe_miranda_1
Along with Bobby Keys, Joe has included some of the best musicians Texas has to offer, all mentioned here on his website. Joe wrote most of the songs on it, and brings some very rockin’ originals, a hard hitting get-after-it blues shuffle instrumental, also truly soulful blues originals as well as covers; but he doesn’t stop there.. For those who would like a compelling story shaped by the real world, with mention of homespun simple joys along with the serious dangers of growing up in the wild modern cultures of South Texas, there is the thought provoking “Into Nothin”.

Legendary Bassist Tommy Shannon flat lays down the law throughout this recording...

Then there’s an original classic style favorite for many who have heard this record and played live called “On A Night Like This” a wonderfully recorded accordion laced original with a feel that puts you right in a border town where desert winds blow softly, sometimes even deadly, but also in some ways that your heart might never want to forget...”Guitars & Motorcycles” pens down the joys of commitment that an avid guitar player or a wind-in the- blood motorcyclist have to their first loves, written by Joe and collaborated with by Tommy Shannon, inspired by their good friend and guitar brother- legend, Stevie Ray Vaughan who used to call his main guitar “1st Wife”.

Another great collaboration is a song called “The Real Good Thing” which brought together the great guitar and slidemaster Rocky Hill & Joe, the song was introduced by Rocky who got the idea with legendary songwriter Jerry Williams it showcases excellent slide, Joe’s soulful voice, and a mighty, mighty, groove.

Take a listen. Come back for more. Buy the CD!

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