Kimo Sabe Duo / Tribal West / 6 Hands High

These guys are…WOW you just gotta read it all and decide for yourself! We were fortunate to have these talented musicians grace our stage throughout last fall and we look forward to their return this year.


Kimo Sabe is - Doug Lumbley / Accoustic guitars, mandolin and vocals with Thomas Hubert / Bass guitar, keyboards and vocals...........

Tribal West is Doug Lumbley / Accoustic guitars, vocals.. Thomas Hubert / Bass guitar, vocals.. Rich Cross / Electric rhythm guitar, vocals.. David Presley / Electric and accoustic lead guitar, vocals.. Dan Hassay / Studio drums and percussion...............

6 Hands High is Doug Lumbley / Accoustic guitars, vocals.. Thomas Hubert / Bass guitar, vocals.. and Rich Cross / Electric and accoustic guitars, vocals.. or David Presley / Electric and accoustic guitars, vocals........... also listen on the


About Kimo Sabe Duo/ Tribal West/ and 6 Hands High...

Kimo Sabe is Thomas Hubert and Doug Lumbley, a 30 year accoustic act, but it is so much more! Our newest sparks are the formation of "Tribal West" the recording and performance band consisting of Doug Lumbley on accoustic and vocals, Tom Hubert on bass and vocals, Rich Cross on electric rhythm and vocals, and David Presley on electric and accoustic lead and vocals, plus our new friend Dan Hassay covering drums and engineering in Hound Dawg Studio, Katy Texas ...also " 6 Hands High " an accoustic trio consisting of Doug, Tom, and Rich (or David), performing origionals and covers in the clubs. Good sounds with this group. We do all of the band's origional tunes here. Lots going on so keep watchin for new shows and songs coming out of the studio.


The Duo began in a red hot music market in south Texas circa 1983. Thomas and Doug met and started playing together at the Listening Post in Corpus Christi. Doug was playing solo, and Tom had just split off from another act. They formed " The Doug Thomas Duo " playing in the infamous Mom's Oar House. Success and a following prompted them to keep going. After weeks of playing gigs ( the Cantina, Sail Club etc.) they landed the house gig at the Quarter Deck in Port Aransas.


There they stayed for three years, six days a week, performing ten and twelve hours a day for hundreds of people a day. ( gets your chops up and your repertoire big fast. ) After season ( Memorial Day to Labor Day ) they took a house gig in Kingsville ( Gatsby's) and played in the King William District in San Antonio, opening for Steve Fromholz, and in Austin at the Filling Station and other clubs. The duo expanded into three and four piece bands, and continued to rise.


Along about 1987, the oil biz in Texas went under, and with it went everything else in south Texas. Clubs would close overnight and what was once a thriving market, rolled up its sidewalks and went away. They gave Florida a try, and Tom went on tour with "Turner Silverman and Apache' " to Nashville and NCAA tours on the East coast. Doug moved on to North Carolina. Tom (native born Austin) moved back home and stayed. They both continued to write and perform.


Then the call came to put it all back together. The guys have always had a large and loyal following and run into fans from that period of time at their shows today. Folks have always loved their cover songs, but really come to hear the originals. They go from gorgeous ballads to biting political satire in a second, then have you on the floor laughing the next. The duo is great entertainment as well as great music.