The Rhythm Dawgs


The Rhythm Dawgs are a band made up of four guys from completely different corners of the musical universe. Take a blues influenced bass player, team him up with a country-rock drummer. Add a formally trained lead guitarist, and throw in another guitar player who grew up on a steady diet of AC/DC and Grand Funk. Who could have known that what would come out would be a crowd-pleasing entertainment package that mixes electric blues, classic rock, a little country, and some primetime TV for good measure.

rd-dana rd-frank rd-ken rd-dan

Now, after over 7 years of performing together, The Rhythm Dawgs have envolved into a tight performance machine that will win over a crowd and hold on to them. Whether the band is reworking a classic, stretching out with a blues jam, or giving the audience a taste of their original material, the Dawgs will make the audience part of the performance.

By popular demand from their fans, The Rhythm Dawgs have released their third CD, Cover Your Tracks, which was recorded live at Austin To Boston Studios in January. The band reworks some well know (and not so well known) favorites into their own. Be it Creedence, Cash, or The Who, it's all fair game for the Dawgs.

If you're looking for a slick, upscale, polished production...then this isn't the band for you. But if you're in the market for a band made up of four ordinary guys who just happen to be some extraordinary musicians, then call the Dawgs.