Friday, March 18

Friday, March 18




10pm  SweetKiss Momma, Puyallup, WA - Though they have been fittingly described as a "roots" or "southern" rock, those classifications fall short when you recognize the late-60's British invasion, 70's era jam band, and even early 80's metal that impressively seeps it's way into the "SKM" brew. Whether it be classic blues riffs, multi-part harmonies,  or funk-inspired breakdowns, none are out of place in their dynamically capable hands. These guys obviously spent some time digesting their parent's record collections, and seem as though they would be right at home on a vinyl LP circa '74.



9pm  Rachel Stacy, Dallas, TX - Rachel is the total package: a fine singer, multi-instrumentalist who is hell-on-wheels with a fiddle, and beautiful to boot! It all adds up to a great talent and an exciting stage show you don’t want to miss!





9:40pm & 10:40pm  Amber Lucille Band – Austin, TX

8p  Union Specific – Austin, TX

7:40pm & 8:40pm  Ben Tyler Johnson – Smithville, TX

7pm  Roy Heinrich – Austin, TX

6pm  The Duqaines – Austin, TX

5:40pm & 6:40pm  Suzette & the Neon Angels – Nashville, TN

5pm  Bob Cheevers

4pm  Scotty Thurman & the Perfect Trouble Band – Gainesville, TX