Thursday, March 17

Thursday, March 17


11pm  The Beauvilles, Tampa, FL - What originated as a house band for underground warehouse art parties in sweaty swampy Florida has become one of the Southeast's most recognized independent D.I.Y touring artists. Known for their incendiary and inspired live shows and led by a singer-guitarist evocative of dead 70's icons, the Beauvilles have travelled far and wide across the 48 states, playing hundreds of shows, dozens of festivals, throwing guitars haphazardly across stages, tossing wine at audiences and whisky on themselves.



10pm  Eyes Lips Eyes, Los Angeles, CA - Eyes Lips Eyesis a spirited indie/alternative rock band. The four-piece ensemble creates a diverse style that generates a chaotic yet controlled substance. The band is influenced by All-American rock bands such as the Talking Heads, The Strokes and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Self proclaimed, disco-punk rock, their mixed fusion of rock and roll and deviant lyrics carried Eyes Lips Eyes to Los Angeles to spread their wings and make some noise.




9:40pm & 10:40pm  John Brodeur – NYC, NY

9pm  Snake Skin Prison, Austin, TX - Snake Skin Prison was born from the distilleries of Hard Southern American Rock N Roll. Based out of Austin Texas, SSP is playing the entire state of Texas and building a strengthened fan based. You want it hard, loud, and fast...well look no further...this is the best unsigned music in America. I dare ya to disagree.


8pm  Bastard Love Child of Rock & Roll (BLORR) – NY/FL

7:40pm & 8:40pm  The Kinfolk – New Braunfels, TX

7pm  Adam Johnson & the Pay Me’s – San Marcos, TX

6pm  Automatic Cycle – Austin, TX!/automaticcycle

5:40pm & 6:40pm  Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets – St. Petersburg, FL

5pm  Black Owl Society – Austin, TX

4pm  Lighthouse Music - Saint Augustine, FL