Saturday March 12

Saturday, March 12



11pm The LeRoi Brothers ,  Austin, TX - Formed in 1981, The LeRoi Brothers are one of the longest-lasting bands on the eclectic Austin scene. With Mike Buck's solid drumming (probably the finest drummer Texas has to offer & a founding member of the Fabulous Thunderbirds)), Steve Doerr's rocking guitar, vocals and songwriting and Joe Doerr's commanding vocals/stage presence, Pat Collins on bass and "Guitar" Grady Pinkerton, the band as a whole can capably take on anything from blues to rockabilly to cajun to country to the grungiest of garage rock & roll. Consistent winners of the Best Roots Rock Band award in the Austin Chronicle's reader's poll, the band has retained a loyal following both here and abroad.




10pm  Tom Gillam’s Tractor Pull, Austin, TX - “The edgier side of Americana coupled with a healthy dose of 70’s guitar rock” is how one magazine described Tom Gillam’s music and that’s not too far off the mark. In a career that spans five studio releases and one live album, Gillam has carved out a special place in popular music he can easily call his own. His brilliant songwriting, whiskey tenor voice, and stinging slide guitar have become well known, not only to his fans here in the United States but also, in recent years, to audiences in Europe as well.


9pm TBA

8pm  Trio Del Rio, Austin, TX - Trio Del Rio challenges classification, combining swingin’, jazzy, bluesy, rock, latin, R&B, folk and Texas styles. The group's essence is captured with MariLisa's grace and freedom and Tanner Swain’s smooth vocals and tasty guitar work.  Their songs textured with rich vocal landscapes with a wide variety of unforgettable storytelling songs that the listener can relate to. Within the group everyone sings lead on a third of the songs and with the three part harmonies and tight unisons; it balances an eclectic mix of songs and emotions.


7:40pm & 8:40pm  Chad Dorman – Austin, TX

7pm  Vanessa Pellon – Austin, TX

6pm  Tara Craig – Austin, TX

5:40pm & 6:40pm  Greg Reichel – Dallas, TX

5pm  Caravan Go – Austin, TX

4pm  George Taylor – Austin, TX

4pm (outdoor stage)  Bob Mauldin Band – Longview, TX

3pm  TBA

3:40pm & 4:40pm  Chris Edwards - Nacogdoches, Texas

2pm  Jimmy & the Lunar Rollers – Austin, TX

1pm  TBA