BO-PEEP - Tokyo, Japan

 Crashing onto the global music scene like a diminutive but no less destructive monster, Bo-Peep are three small girls who make a very big noise


Formed in Fukuoka, Japan and now based in Tokyo, Bo-Peep blend chaotic guitar riffs, brutal rhythm and manic vocals with a melodic sensibility that echoes the raw but infectious energy of the grunge era. With guitar, bass, drums and no added nonsense, Bo-Peep's two albums (including 2008's 'Sick Orange Television') and two mini-albums are loaded with savage songs that are all the more visceral in the flesh. The girls' explosive live reputation has seen them storm stages across Japan and the UK, with their first US jaunt in March 2009. Japan's Fuji Rock Festival, Britain's The Great Escape and In The City, and now Texas' South By Southwest - all have fallen under the might of Bo-Peep.