Denny Hamilton Band


The Denny Hamilton Band, a central Texas-based group, focuses on 60's and 70's classic rock, blues and country. Denny Hamilton (vocalist, lead guitar) Donnie Wilson (vocalist, guitar) began by jamming, working on harmonies and recording drafts on weekends in Taylor, Texas. Paul Turney (bass player, vocalist), Danny Thomas (Drummer, vocals), help fill out the classic DHB sound.


Denny Hamilton - (guitar, vocals, songwriter)... Denny was taught basic guitar fundamentals by Kenny Fraser, lead guitarist for the Jimmy Heap band, and performed his first live show with the Jimmy Heap band at the age of 12. Shortly afterwards, Denny and a group of schoolmates formed his first group called the Legends. After a stint in the Army, he returned to Taylor and formed the bands "Country Music and Friends", "Chisolm", and was involved in the Midget Cafe scene, a local Taylor nightspot, where he played with performers such as Gary P. Nunn (London City Homesick Blues/Home of the Armadilla), Walter Hyatt and Champ Hood of Austin and Pat Pankratz (Greasy Wheels) and numerous other Austin acts over the years before forming The Denny Hamilton Band.


Danny Thomas - (drums and vocals)... Danny joined the band in October, 2009. Here is the Danny Thomas story...Damn those Pagan Skins!.. Why didn’t I learn to play the Harmonica? The Choices we make dictate the lives we lead! (or something like that). So he chose “them drums” at the ripe old age of 10. "My inspiration for music actually came from my “Uncle James” Greer." Before Graduating with a music degree from the University of Texas in Austin back in the late 60’s, he was a lead guitarist and lead singer for his Dallas /Ft. Worth area hit band - “The BassMen” (as in Bass Guitar not “bass” the fish!) so he found out by accident, that he could keep a beat - and the rest is percussion history. He started playing professionally at the age of 12 and has been in so many bands since there is no way to recall them all! So, in October, 2009 he joined “DHB” - The Denny Hamilton Band - along with his counterpart Donnie Wilson. Donnie and Danny are very pleased to have joined Denny, & Paul with DHB and hope that they can add something “special” to this outstanding central Texas band. It ain't no Poka!


Donnie Wilson - (guitar and vocals)... Donnie grew up in Waxahachie, Texas. He picked up a guitar and started playing at the age of 13 and was playing in his first band by age 15. While attending college in Austin, Texas in the mid '70's, Donnie played bass guitar with the band "Possum Trot". He is a selftaught guitarist and appreciates all kinds of music from rock, R&B and jazz to country and bluegrass. Donnie currently lives in Taylor, Texas.


Paul Turney - (bass, vocals)... has played bass and keyboards in many successful bands from California to Iowa to Texas. Much to humble to list all his amazing accomplishments.

The Denny Hamilton Band...Keep up the great sounds guys. ain't no Polka!!!